Think: Emergency lighting!

Power outage in your area? Are you in the dark? Afraid of falling and hurting yourself? Feeling groping and disorganization during power outages are not reassuring? Think: Emergency lighting!

An emergency lighting system consists of an internal circuit that acts as a flip-flop when the current stops. Lighting units are equipped with recharged batteries that power the lighting units when power is interrupted.

For proper operation, emergency lighting units must pass inspection tests. Sylprotec offers you to perform preventive maintenance on a regular basis in order to detect all types of anomalies. Think about it, it’s a good investment for the health and safety of your workers.

Be safe. Maintenance and minor repairs to your lighting units could reduce accidents. Note that an Exit Luminaire is also an emergency lighting equipment that we offer.

As a rule of thumb, emergency lighting units are equipped with 1 to 4 batteries. We recommend replacing them every 4 years because their useful life spans 3 to 5 years. Refer to section “Services – Emergency lights”.
Accordingly, it’s safer to replace them every 4 years.

You should also be aware that we distribute CSA-approved emergency lighting units and accessories such as:

Don’t wait until your lighting units are out of order before taking action. Contact our customer service department for more information or visit our online store for more in-depth information.

You will be able to obtain the products mentioned with the Sylprotec company, if of course they are available at the time you contact them. The sooner you order the better your chances of getting the products. In addition, you can also get safety equipment and other items for your fire protection. Once on the site you will have access to a host of safety items such as respirators, first aid items, posters and much more…

Sylvain Patrice f.p.t.

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